Marble Financial Inc. signs referral agreement with Loans Canada to bring consumers to its MyMarble financial wellness platform

Loans Canada is the nation’s premier loan comparison platform that empowers Canadians to make better borrowing decisions through financial literacy and transparency

Marble Financial Inc () (OTC: MRBLF) (FRA: 2V0) on Wednesday announced a landmark deal with Loans Canada, offering its consumers Marble’s AI-based SAAS financial wellness platform.

Loans Canada is the nation’s first loan comparison platform that empowers Canadians to make better borrowing decisions through financial literacy and transparency, the company said.

As of July 2012, Loans Canada’s aggregation platform has helped more than one million Canadians, the company said, and access to such an engaged visitor base provides Marble with a significant new growth channel. Marble’s goal is to empower Canadians by using its holistic fintech personal finance solution that provides precise recommendations, insights and advice in financial literacy.

Almost half of respondents, who have turned to their bank for financial support, are turned down, according to a 2020 Loans Canada report, the company said. The debt load of many Canadians is increasing, as is the financial vulnerability and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased the need for companies like Loans Canada to help consumers. Solutions like Oak Park Financial will help Loans Canada clients strengthen their future financial prospects when looking for financial products.

“We are very pleased to continue to develop our relationship with Marble Financial,” said Scott Satov, CEO of Loans Canada. “We continue to provide Canadians with tools and resources to improve their financial literacy and we believe the Marble platform is a great tool for our users to reach their financial goals faster. ”

This deal will use Loans Canada’s proprietary loan search platform to connect any Canadian, regardless of their financial or credit history. Using this technology, Canada Loans can create audience segments and target high-value users who will be highly convertible for MyMarble.

By adding the AI-based recommendations, credit improvement, coaching, and budgeting technology from MyMarble, the platform will help consumers achieve the level of financial health they need to qualify for many. financial products or services offered on Loans Canada, the company said.

“We are very excited to launch MyMarble with Loans Canada, a national leader in loan comparison,” said Marble Director of Marketing Rich Elliott. “Further expanding our relationship with Canada Loans will not only dramatically increase our customer base, but also remain true to our mission of helping the underserved population of Canadian consumers to a place to turn.

Marble also provided an update on its acquisition of Inverite Verification Inc. The company now expects the completion of the definitive agreement and the closing of the transaction to take place during the week of April 5.

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